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Health Insurance in Germany

There are two health insurance systems in Germany. Public insurance is based on income and is the right option for low to low-medium income individuals or families. Private insurance on the other side makes more sense for mid to higher income individuals or families. Having income with > 50.000 Euros per annum.
Moreover, private health insurance in Germany provides better coverage than public and in most clients’ cases actually costs a lot less than public health insurance. Please contact us to see which system is better for you. We will provide you with a free detailed analysis.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is a whole new stage in your life, and it should be only on your terms. The earlier you start, the easier it is to make sure your money can support everything you want to do in your third and final big phase in life.Did you know that setting up a retirement plan when you are 25 years old means you only have to save 20 % of the amount compared to when you start at age 45? This is due to the compound interest. Time is money. Thus, it is not something one should put off for later.

Work disability insurance

Work disability insurance is the only vital insurance to have alongside health insurance. It gives you a monthly income to help pay your expenses in case an illness or accident stops you from working.Your working ability is your most valuable asset and is worth around 1 to 4 million EUR. Or more. Therefore, it is not worth it to leave it exposed to risk.Press below to read more about it – or contact us directly.

Critical illness cover

Critical illness insurance can give you a one-time payment if you are diagnosed with a serious disease. For example, cancer, heart attack or other serious illnesses defined in your contract.It can help you focus on your recovery and enable you a financial buffer in case of hard times.This insurance is sometimes also called a key-person insurance. For instance, companies set up this insurance for certain key employees who´s absence from work would negatively impact the finances of the company.

Personal Liability Insurance

A personal liability insurance provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage suffered by others which you or your family members may be legally responsible for. A drastic example is if your child is playing with matches and by accident burns down your neighbours´ house.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is important if one has family so as to secure their financial well-being in case of death. A further use is to acquire it to secure a mortgage.

Other insurances

  • International health insurance for expats in Germany
  • Business insurances
  • Content insurances
  • Other insurances

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He has been working purely with expats since 2009 – who require a very different set of advice and strategies, plus a more international communicative approach – and more additional help in their own language. He grew up in Kenya and Thailand and attended Germany´s most prominent boarding school – Schule Schloss Salem. He is German English bilingual with fluent Spanish and proficient French. With his international background and extensive insurance experience, he knows all the hurdles expats face and can easily find the right insurance or investment solutions for everyone. Education: – Certified insurance expert by the German chamber of commerce (IHK Germany ) -Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Marketing (European University, Barcelona) -German Abitur (Schule Schloss Salem, Salem, Germany)

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